Expert Upholstery Cleaning Guernsey

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Geurnsey

There are going to be a number of reasons why you need a professional upholstery contractor rather than having a go yourself.
It’s hard to keep on top of all that cleaning with the number of spillages the average family makes!
Therefore, no matter how hard you try to keep your upholstery clean, your furniture will start to take on a dull, tired appearance over time. This is where the cleaning Doctor can help.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning doctor will do a thorough inspection of your upholstery and highlight any potential areas of concern. It then gets vacuumed with a professional grade cleaner. After this a gentle cleaning solution is sprayed onto the fabric and gently massaged in to loosen up all the dirt and soils. ~
Then using a very powerful extraction machine we extract all the dirt and soiling leaving your upholstery spotless.  The final part includes putting dryers on your upholstery. This normally means most upholstered furniture is dry within a couple of hours.

 This Is The Part You Will Love

When you first see your soft furnishings after the carpet doctor treatment you will be amazed at the difference. No more dirt or stains and upholstery that not only looks good but smells amazingly fresh.


Here’s Why People All Over The Island Love Our Service

100% Customer Satisfaction

Every customer get’s the carpet doctor 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cleaner For Longer

The cleaning solutions we use leave no sticky, dirt attracting residues. This means your upholstery stays cleaner for longer.

Correct Methods

We always use the correct cleaning method to achieve the best possible results

Stain Removal

We are fully trained in upholstery stain removal. If we can’t do it then nobody on the island can

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We have just had our large L Shape sofa professionally cleaned by The Carpet Doctor and it looks almost new again!! Great job after the amount of stains and smells over the last 5 years with a child and cats, thank you!

Alessia Orme

We are proud to be the only cleaners on Guernsey who are members of the national carpet cleaners association. The only carpet cleaning association that is endorsed and government approved.

Look At The Difference Our Upholstery Cleaning Guernsey Service Will Make To Your Soft Furnishings

Let’s Get Your Upholstery Looking Amazing Again

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